Aluminium Camping Cook Set Inc 6 Pieces Outdoor Food Cooker 2 Persons

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Aluminium Camping Cook Set 
Outdoor Food Cooker for 2 Persons  - The essential Camping accessory ! 
Cook Set Includes : 1.5L and 1L Aluminium pot, 8 "aluminium fry pan,  Alcohol stove ( no fuel included ) , Aluminium Pliers
Net weight: 620g 
Material: Aluminum 
Specifications: 1.5L aluminum pot (19cm X 8cm); 1L aluminum pot (18cm x 7.2cm)
Furnace bottom shelf: 15.5cm x 6.4cm 
Windshield frame: 17.5cm x 7.4cm 
Alcohol stove: 7.5cm x 4.5cm 
Lid: 20.5cm x 4cm