Picnic Backpack Travel Camping Lunch Bag Dinnerware Outdoor For 4 Persons With Picnic Ground Mat



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The Essential Picnic Backpack with Picnic Ground Rug

Colour: Dark Blue
Capacity of 12 liter Insulated lining to heat / cool like an esky built into the back of the pack 
Insulated 900 ml water bottle / wine holder ( detachable ) 
Weight:about 1.2kg
Stainless steel knife:4 pcs
Stainless steel fork : 4 pcs
9" PS plate: 4 pcs
Poly-cotton napkin : 2 pcs
Bottle opener: 1 pc
Plastic cutting board:1pc
Removable water bottle cooler bag:1pc
Plastic wineglass: 4 pc
Picnic Ground Rug has PU coated backing for softening the area and reduced moisture exposure

Ideal for picnics and camping

Size 1.5m x 2 m