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Ever worried about getting access to clean safe drinking water when travelling? What would happen if your drinking water at home became contaminated? Are you prepared for a natural disaster? Would you like to have an insurance policy to protect your health?

The Go-Straw is perfect for any situation where you need pure, safe drinking water.

The Go-Straw filter and purifier will remove viruses and bacteria, as well as chemicals, heavy metals and tastes and odours from any water source.

It has been developed over many years, and stringently independently tested. It has won many certifications including the Certificate of Water Quality Association Gold Seal, Approval by the US Environmental Protection Authority to name just a few.

The Go-Straw is compact and pocket-sized able to fit easily into a handbag, backpack or first aid kit

Long-lasting – Filters up to 200 litres or around 1oo days constant use.

Stage 1: Particle and vegetation filter

The first stage of the water filtration process to ensure you drink only the very cleanest of water is our gauze particle and vegetation filter.

This clever design removes dirt particles, insects, grasses and any other objects that may be in the water that may clog the next stage of the purification process. This is another unique design of the GoFreshWater products that helps extend the life of your product.

Stage 2: Ion exchange Purifying

The final stage of purification for the GoFreshWater products is the absorption of chemicals, volatile organic compound, heavy metals when the water passes over the activated carbon.

Activated carbon is essentially very finely crushed charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to create ion charge to allow chemicals, odours and soluble metals to bond or be trapped to the carbon atoms when water passes over it. The oxygen literally opens or breaks up millions if not billions carbon bonds per gram of carbon.

The charcoal is so finely crushed that the surface area between 1000 to 2000 square metres of surface area per gram. That is equivalent of a football field. In the Go-Bottle, there is 100 grams of carbon or 15 football fields

The activated carbon in the GoFreshWater products have been treated with an antibacterial to avoid any potential growth of mould.

Stage 3: 0.01 Micron Filtration

Over 40 meters of medical grade 0.01 membrane is used to filter out all the biological nasties.

Test Methods

Use sterilised by passing through 75% alcohol of the purifier.

500 ml of sterile water was allowed to pass through the purifier

10 ml of test micro-organism inoculum consisting of 108 cells was added into 1 litre sterile diluent (0.1% peptone) and pumped 500 ml through the system for testing.

The bacterial counts before and after passing through the system were determined in accordance with: FDA bacteriological Analytical Manual Online, January 2001 Chapter 3 “Aerobic Plate Count”

Test Organisms

Escherichia coli ATCC 8739

Legionella pneumophila ATCC 33152

Test Results

Test microorganism

Total Bacteria Count

(Before the system)

Total Bacteria Count

(After the system)

Reduction %

Escherichia coli
ATCC 8739

8.0 x 104

< 1


Legionella pneumophila

ATCC 33152

2.0 x 104

< 1



Can I drink carbonated drinks or alcohol through the filters?

No, they will damage the filters and will void your warranty.

What should I do when I don’t plan on using the product until I next go on holidays?

For the Go-Straw we recommend placing it in a sink or a bowl until all water has drained.

In the case of the Go-Bottle, allow the water to drain from the filter and pour out the residual water from the bottle. We then suggest you wipe and dry the bottle and then replace the cap and filter. The Go Fresh filters are then ready for the next time you use them.

Is there a warranty on the products?

Yes the manufacturer warrants for one year from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. See Limited Warranty section in the operation manual for full details.

Are your products friendly to the environment?

Yes. All the plastics are BPA Free.

Can I filter sea water?

No this will damage the filter and void the warranty.

Do I need to prepare the filters before I use the products for the first time?

Yes please see the “Product Set Up” Section of the enclosed brochure. This will only take less than 1 minute to set up and prepare the product.

How long will the filters last in the “GoFreshWater” products?

Up to 500 litres for the Go- Bottle, 200 litres for the Go-Straw and 5000 litres for the Go-Pump. In most cases that will last from 3 months to a number of years depending on many times you use the product.

How long until I can drink the water when it comes through the filter?

For the Go-Bottle and Go-Straw, you can drink the water immediately as the filters will cleanse the water as you suck it through.

Where can I use the products?

Access water from lakes, rivers, streams, dams or any non-salty water source. Note, if the water is heavily contaminated, the product is not suitable. For example, close to a industrial waste, industrial site etc We also recommend using our products with tap water to ensure that you always have clean water to drink.

Who else other than travellers going overseas use your products?

We actually sell a lot of bottles to people concerned about their health and well being who use it as an everyday water bottle.

Can I use the bottle for everyday use or should I only use it when I travel overseas?

Your bottle can be used as an everyday water bottle. In fact, we recommend that you do use it every day because you never know when there could be contaminates in your water, as bacteria is not visible to the naked eye.