K3 Led Lenser Torch



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Well, when you use a normal torch, only 10% of your batteries’ power is used to produce light. The other 90% is wasted, converted to heat. That’s why torches get warm when you use them.

But the LED revolution has changed all that. A torch that uses an LED (it stands for Light Emitting Diode) rather than a conventional bulb converts all the energy from your batteries to light, so your torch is brighter, and your batteries last longer.

Plus, bulbs blow all the time, and are really annoying to change. An LED, however, can operate for tens of thousands of hours without ever needing to be replaced.

That’s what puts Led Lenser torches light years ahead of the competition!

Sick of trying to find things in the dark? Just attach a Led Lenser K3 onto your keyring, and the problem’s solved. With its super-bright white light and over one hundred hours of battery life, you’ll find your child (and anything else you’re looking for, too) in no time!


Strong, lightweight aluminium casing.

Emits bright, white light.

Splash proof housing.

Over one hundred hours of battery life.

LED provides one hundred thousand hours of light.

Speed focus.

Requires 4 x AG13 batteries – included.

Also includes a keyring attachment.

Colour: Black.

Length: 7cm.