Led Lenser H3 Head Lamp Flashlight Torch



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The exceptional brightness of modern high-performance LEDs has a drawback: an unpleasant dazzling effect if you try to read by LED light. Other manufacturers rely on cheap solutions and offer diffuser lenses, for example. By contrast, we break new ground: We developed a potentiometer (dimmer) that is part of the battery box and provides optimal brightness management. The lamp head can be swivelled within an angle of 90 degrees, and the new design delights even aesthetes. A brilliant lamp that is successful all around the world.
LED 3x High End LED
Weight 119 g
Luminous flux 60 lm*
Batteries 3 x AAA
Energy tank 5,4 Wh
Burning life 62 h**
Beam range 31 m* Technical data
* Luminous flux (lumens) resp. max beam distance (meters) in the brightest function when switching on with new set of fresh alkaline batteries. Average values, may vary +/- 15% depending on type of chip and batteries.
** Average hours of burning life as measured in the least energy-consuming mode and until residual luminous flux amounts to 1 lumen.