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What’s the difference between a Led Lenser torch and a normal torch? Let me enlighten you…

When you use a normal torch, only ten percent of your batteries’ power is used to produce light. The rest is wasted, converted to heat. That’s why torches get warm when you use them. That’s a lot of wasted energy.

The LED revolution has changed all that. A torch that uses an LED (it stands for Light Emitting Diode) rather than a conventional bulb converts all the energy from your batteries to light, so your torch is brighter, and your batteries last longer. And, talking of things that last longer, an LED, unlike a conventional bulb, can operate for tens of thousands of hours without ever needing to be replaced.

That’s what puts Led Lenser torches light years ahead of the competition!

Introducing Led Lenser’s new L-Series of legendary, lightweight, LED flashlights! Led Lenser’s L-Series is designed for performance: each of these tough little torches is made from light, robust black polycarbonate, so they’ll never weigh you down.

With one of these handy torches at your side, the powers of darkness simply don’t stand a chance!

The LED Lenser P7 Torch is the most popular LED Lenser Torch model on the market today.

This tactical torch / flashlight features the perfect balance of design, functionality, and durability.

Quick one-handed focusing, a powerful 200 lumens, and beam distance of up to 210 metres. All of this and a dynamic switch that offers three easy-to-operate levels of brightness make the P7 the perfect choice for work, home, or adventure.

The focusing system of P7 is considered one of the best systems in the world. Adjusting the light cone is particularly easy: Thanks to Speed Focus, you simply move the lamp head with one hand in order to control focus position. In addition, this modular flashlight is equipped with a Dynamic Switch that offers three different levels of brightness. Because of its superb features, the P7 is especially suitable for professional applications and for users with high demands.